Animated videos are a professional player in your marketing campaign!

We will help you design a professional motion graphic video that achieves your goals, whatever your field, with more than ten years of experience in this field. Our process goes in an orderly manner so that we guarantee you impressive results. At first, we prepare the scenario, then choose the sound effects, choose the sounds and record them in a studio equipped with the latest equipment, and it comes at the end of the animation stage.
We use the latest animation video production programs such as (MAYA PRO - 3D Max - Adobe After Effects).

Why should you use animated videos in your marketing campaign?
According to statistics, 65% of people learn or are influenced visually, and 90% of the information that is sent to our brains is animation, so animation videos are an effective way to influence your target audience. Market studies have also proven that people spend about twice as much on websites and platforms that contain videos. At Injaz Media, you will find us always aware of the studies and research that your spread requires.

Motion graphic design video packages

You can now design a distinguished professional video, explaining your services and products, designed with the highest quality, in different sizes for display on various screen sizes, and you can also use it on YouTube and social networking sites. Choose the package that suits you from the following packages and contact us immediately